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ETIAS Europe Map

Europe is a popular destination for both leisure and commercial travelers. Once the long haul flight to Europe is completed, most countries within the E.U. are a short flight from each other.


At the moment, there is a visa-free system, allowing unrestricted movement between countries in the European Union, leaving authorities knowing little about travelers actual movements.

The ETIAS scheme will allow all countries and organizations, connected to the ETIAS network, to have very detailed information about travelers wanting to enter the E.U. and what they intend to do once they get there.

The ETIAS travel authorization process is being introduced in response to worries about security, criminal activity, and contagious health problems. Security on a very large scale has become attainable by the collective countries of the European Union through the sharing of data and resources.

The Following Countries Will all be Members of the ETIAS Scheme:

Travel Within the ETIAS Zone

Europe is a popular destination for many travelers keen to partake in local food, cultures, and ceremonies and enjoy the diversity offered with short travel times between countries.

Whether your travels take you to the commercial hubs of Europe or the natural landscapes, the ETIAS online application will ensure that you are able to make the most of your journey to Europe by providing you and your family the peace of mind that comes from the much-improved security measures.

Business Travel

Business travel is always a necessity, and with short travel times, and convenient international airports to be found throughout the Schengen zone, and ETIAS registered countries. It is both simple and hassle-free for the discerning international business traveler to take advantage of the ETIAS system which could well open up new markets which have previously been out of reach.

The benefits of the ETIAS Visa are obvious. A reduction in delays at Border Controls will be a welcome by-product of the ETIAS scheme.

Thanks to the sophisticated system, many of the problems currently experienced whilst waiting in line at Border Control will be a thing of the past thanks to the ETIAS Visa application process now taking place prior to travel commencing.

With a rise in terrorist activity within large cities, this has highlighted the need for urgent security measures. The ETIAS system is an answer to this problem, utilizing data, vetting procedures of member countries, and therefore narrowing the net for all undesirable people attempting to travel within Europe.

Vacation Travel

With a rich history and ancient architecture just some of the draws to Europe for the international visitor. Many visitors to this diverse continent make the most of their travel time by conducting a multi-country visit. With relatively short travel time between nations, the ETIAS Visa makes for an incredibly easy process for allowing multi-country visits on one trip.

The countries who belong to the ETIAS scheme place your security as priority number one, with each country in cooperation, agreeing to abide by specific legislation and rules governing international visitors.

With the ETIAS scheme in place, partner countries will be able to halt entry to any suspicious persons to not only their country – but neighboring countries as well – thus making the entire continent a safer place for residents and visitors alike.

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