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ETIAS Italy visa for U.S. citizens

From 2023, U.S. citizens will have to present an approved ETIAS visa when travelling to Italy. It will be possible to apply for and obtain the ETIAS permit online, by filling out the ETIAS application form online and receiving your visa via e-mail once the application is approved. 

This ETIAS visa will allow U.S. citizens to enter Italy for tourism, work, transit, or for medical reasons, provided that the duration of the trip is no more than 90 days, and the visa will be valid for multiple entries made via air, sea, or land. Besides, minors and people over 70 years of age will be able to apply for ETIAS free of charge.

What is ETIAS Italy for U.S. citizens?

ETIAS permit will come into force in 2023, as part of a European Commission program aimed at strengthening European borders and keeping a digital track on all people travelling to Schengen Area. This program was already approved in 2016, after the terrorist attacks that affected some European countries. During the last years, data sharing between EU countries was expanded, allowing for the creation of the ETIAS visa system, that connects the applications for this visa with already existing databases.

How does ETIAS Italy permit work for U.S. citizens

From November 2023 American citizens must present an ETIAS visa before travelling to Italy. But if the trip has other purposes than those provided for ETIAS visa, or a duration longer than 90 days, they will have to obtain a full visitor Schengen visa, at the embassy or consulate of Italy, respecting timing and requirements for the visa they are applying for. 

Once issued, ETIAS is valid for 3 years, and will allow to travel multiple times in Italy and other countries within the Schengen Area, as long as each visit has a duration of less than 90 days. To make sure you get your approved ETIAS in time for the trip, it is recommended to apply for ETIAS at least 4 days in advance. If the ETIAS permit is denied, you can still apply for a full visitor Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of Italy or present an appeal to the country that denied ETIAS permit.

ETIAS destinations for U.S. citizens

Starting from 2023 ETIAS visa will come into force for Americans in order to travel to the following countries:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

At the moment, Americans are not required to obtain ETIAS to travel to Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Romania, since these are not Schengen countries yet. However, this may change in the future, so please keep updated with the requirements.

ETIAS permit requirements for American citizens and how to apply

To apply for ETIAS, you have to be a U.S. citizen and hold a valid electronic passport issued by the United States of America. If you are not entitled to an U.S. passport, you will require a Schengen visa.

ETIAS permit application can be completed online, entering all the necessary information by following the required steps, and making sure all the data is entered correctly. Once the application form is completed, you will also have to pay a 7 euros fee, applicable to all citizens between 18 and 70 years old, using a credit or debit card. Typically, most ETIAS visas are issued within few minutes, or at most in a few hours, and the approved visa will be sent via e-mail as a PDF file. In addition to that, you are not required to print the visa, because all the information will already be in the European Schengen authorities’ databases, and it will be linked to the passport data provided during the application. However, in order to avoid delays, it is recommended to apply for the ETIAS visa at least 4 days in advance, to make sure that the ETIAS is approved and to have the necessary time to provide any additional documents should they be required. In the case where an ETIAS permit is denied, you can apply for a Schengen permit at the embassy or consulate of Italy. To avoid mistakes that could result in delays in the ETIAS approval, it is highly recommended to read and check carefully all the ETIAS requirements.

How much does the ETIAS visa cost for U.S. citizens

The ETIAS visa application for U.S. citizens has a cost of 7 euros for all citizens with an age between 18 and 70 years, which has to be paid at the end of the online application process, using a credit or debit card. Americans under 18 and over 70 years of age can apply for the ETIAS visa free of charge.

About Italy

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is located in southern Europe on the Apennine Peninsula. The peninsula is bordered by the Ligurian Sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Sea of Sicily and the Adriatic Sea, all parts of the Mediterranean Sea.
Italy shares maritime borders with Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Greece, Libya, Malta, Montenegro, Spain, and Tunisia.
Italy shares open land borders with Austria, France, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Two of the largest islands in the Mediterranean belonging to Italy, Sardinia, and Sicily.
The country covers an area of 301,340 sq. km and has a population of more than 60 million people.
The capital and largest city in Italy is Rome. The official language is Italian, and the major religion is Christianity.
The currency is the euro.

Italy is considered to be one of the world’s most economically developed countries, ranked eighth largest in the world and third in the Eurozone. Italy is also one of the world’s most culturally developed countries, home to 54 World Heritage Sites, the most in the world.
Italy has a very high level of human development and is among the top countries in the world in terms of life expectancy.

Italy is a founding and leading member of the European Union and is a member of the Schengen Area.

Italy at a glance

Capital: Rome

Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour

Languages: Italian

Area: 301,230 KM2

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Population: 60,340,328

Calling Code: +39

Travel in Italy

Centre of the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, Italy is a cultural behemoth. Visitors come to see Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Primavera, the Sistine Chapel frescoes and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

Italy has a diverse landscape. In the South, there are the imposing craters and turquoise grottos, whilst to the North, there are the majestic Alps and glacial lakes.

Regarded as one of the most important fashion capitals in the world, Rome ranks in the Top 10 Global Fashion Capital Rankings. Home to labels such as Armani, Prada, and Gucci and also home to Vogue Italia, considered one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.

Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world. The cuisine, featuring pizza, pasta, fish, fruit, and vegetables, is characterized by its simplicity and variety.
Italy is home to the most traditional specialties protected under E.U. law.
Cassata, gelato, and tiramisu are some of the most famous examples of Italian desserts.

Italy is worthy of a trip on its own, but visits to neighboring countries are within close proximity with short flight times. Visa-free travel for U.S. and Canadian citizens are valid throughout the European region.

The US and Italy

The United States and Italy enjoy warm and friendly relations. Their partnership is very important as Italy is a leader in military operations and peacekeeping around the world. Italy and the U.S. have been active partners in the fight against both ISIL and Ebola.

The United States is Italy’s largest non-European export market. Tourism is an important industry in Italy and between five and six million American tourists visit each year.

The U.S. and Italy both belong to the following organizations

  • United Nations
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • G-20
  • G-7
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Bank
  • World Trade Organization

Italy is an observer to the Organization of American States

European countries, including Italy, have experienced terrorist attacks and mass migration and have found that the present systems of border control are not adequate. In an effort to improve security across the entire Schengen zone in Europe a new security system called ETIAS is being introduced in 2021.

U.S. citizens, wanting to travel to Italy after the release of ETIAS, will need to apply at least 96 hours before they travel. After filling in an online application and paying the fee, authorization for the majority of travelers will be issued within minutes.

Similar to the ESTA system already in place in the U.S., the ETIAS (E.U. Travel Information Authorization System) will gather extensive data on travelers in order to increase security.

FAQ about ETIAS Italy visa

List of US diplomatic offices in Italy

The Embassy of USA in Roma, Italy

Address: via Vittorio Veneto 121 00187 Roma
Phone: (+39) 06.46741
Facts: Lewis M. Eisenberg – Ambassador

Consulate of USA in Florence, Italy

Address: Lungarno Vespucci, 38 50123 Firenze
Phone: (+39) 055.266.951

Consulate of USA in Milan, Italy

Address: via Principe Amedeo, 2/10 20121 MILANO
Phone: (+39) 02.290351

Consulate of USA in Naples, Italy

Address: Piazza della Repubblica 80122 NAPOLI
Phone: (+39) 081.583.8111

The Embassy of Italy in Washington, USA

Address: 3000 Whitehaven Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20008 United States
Phone: (+1) 202 612 4400
Fax: (+1) 202 518 2152

Consulate of Italy in New York, USA

Address: 690 Park Avenue New York, NY 10021 United States
Phone: (+1) 212 737-9100
Fax: (+1) 212 249-4945

Consulate of Italy in Chicago, USA

Address: 500, North Michigan Avenue – Suite 1850 Chicago, IL 60611 United States
Phone: (+1) 312 467 1550
Fax: (+1) 312 467 1335

Consulate of Italy in New Orleans, USA

Address: 537 South Peters Street New Orleans, LA 70130 United States
Phone: (+1) 504 522-3520

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