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ETIAS Estonia permit for U.S. citizens

From 2023, U.S. citizens will have to present an approved ETIAS permit before entering Estonia. It will be possible to apply for and obtain the ETIAS visa online, by filling out the ETIAS application form online and receiving your ETIAS via e-mail once the application is approved. 

This ETIAS visa will allow U.S. citizens to enter Estonia for tourism, work, transit, or for medical reasons, as long as the duration of the trip is no more than 90 days, and the visa will be valid for multiple entries made via air, sea, or land. Also, minors and people over 70 years of age will be able to apply for ETIAS free of charge.

What is ETIAS Estonia?

ETIAS permit will come into force in November 2023, as part of a program of the European Commission aimed at strengthening European borders and keeping a digital track on all people entering Schengen Area. 

This program was already approved in 2016, after the terrorist attacks that affected some European countries. During the last years, the creation of the ETIAS visa system has been made possible by the expansion of data sharing between European Union countries, allowing to connect the ETIAS applications with already existing databases from European authorities.

How does ETIAS Estonia permit work for U.S. citizens

From 2023 U.S. citizens must be in possession of an ETIAS visa before embarking on a trip to Estonia. If the trip has a duration longer than 90 days or has other reasons than those required for ETIAS, they will require a Schengen permit at the embassy or consulate of Estonia, respecting requirements and timing for the permit they are applying for. 

Once issued, the ETIAS permit is valid for 3 years, and can be used for multiple entries in Estonia and other Member countries of Schengen Area, as long as each trip has a duration of less than 90 days. In order to get your approved ETIAS permit in time for the trip, it is recommended to apply for the visa at least 4 days before the departure. If ETIAS visa is denied, you can still apply for a full visitor Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of Estonia or present an appeal to the country that denied ETIAS permit.

ETIAS destinations for Americans

Starting from November 2023 ETIAS visa will come into force for Americans in order to travel to the following countries:

  • Andorra
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • San Marino
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

At the time being, American citizens will not have to obtain ETIAS to enter Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Romania, since these countries are not Schengen Area members yet. However, this may change in the future, so please keep updated with the permit requirements.

ETIAS permit requirements for U.S. citizens and how to apply

In order to apply for ETIAS permit, you will need to be a U.S. citizen and hold a valid electronic passport issued by the United States of America. If you do not have an American passport, you will require a full visitor Schengen visa. ETIAS permit application can be completed online, entering all necessary information by following the required steps, and making sure all the data is entered correctly. Once the application is completed, all citizens between 18 and 70 years old will also be required to pay a 7 euros fee, using a credit or debit card. In general, most ETIAS are issued within few minutes, or at most in a few hours, and the approved ETIAS will be sent via e-mail as a PDF file. 

In addition to that, you are not required to print the visa, because your data will already be in the possession of the European Schengen authorities, and it will be linked to the passport data provided during the application. Anyway, in order to avoid delays, it is recommended to apply for ETIAS permit at least 4 days in advance, to make sure that the visa is approved and to have the necessary time to provide any additional documents should they be required. If an ETIAS is denied, you can apply for a full visitor Schengen permit at the embassy or consulate of Estonia. In order to avoid mistakes that could lead to delays in the ETIAS approval, it is highly recommended to read and check carefully all the requirements for the ETIAS permit.

How much does ETIAS visa cost for Americans

At the end of the application process, all Americans between 18 and 70 years old have to pay a 7 euros fee, using a credit or debit card. U.S. citizens under 18 and over 70 years of age are entitled to apply for ETIAS free of charge.

About Estonia

Estonia, officially the Republic of Estonia, is a Baltic country in Northern Europe. Bordered by Latvia and Russia, it shares maritime borders with Finland and Sweden.

With an area of 45.227 sq. km, the country has a population of 1.3 million people, making it one of the least populated member states of the European Union and Schengen Area.
The official language is Estonian, with Russian as the second language. Swedish and Finish are also spoken, with English and German gaining in popularity amongst the youth of the country.
Estonia’s currency is the euro.

As of 2011, Estonia was ranked as among the fastest growing countries in the E.U. Benefiting from an advanced high-income economy; citizens enjoy universal health care and the longest paid maternity leave in the OECD.
Free education is provided, and secondary school students have been placed 3rd in the world with only Singapore and Japan ahead of them.

Estonia has developed its Information Technology sector to such an extent that it is widely considered one of the world’s most digitally advanced societies.
In 2005, Estonia became the first country in the world to hold elections over the internet. In 2014, Estonia became the first country to provide e-residency status.
Many companies leading the way in Information Technology originate from Estonia, including Transferwise, Starship Technologies, Pipedrive, Fortumo, GrabCAD, and Skype.

Estonia at a glance

Capital: Tallinn

Timezone: UTC/GMT +2 hour

Languages: Estonian 68.5%, Russian 29.6%, Ukrainian 0.6%, Other 1.2%, Unspecified 0.1%

Area: 45,226 KM2

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Population: 1,291,170

Calling Code: +372

Travel in Estonia

The freedom to roam in Estonia is codified in law, and as forests cover over half of Estonia hiking is a popular activity. More than 40% of the forests belong to the state of Estonia and are certified as organic collection sites, with large numbers of residents and visitors taking the opportunity to pick berries, mushrooms, and herbs in season.

The longest hiking route, crossing nine counties, offers stunning scenery along its 820 km length. Vast areas of wetlands and bogs, as well as sand and shingle beaches, lie along its route.

For birdwatchers, the Ramsar list names 11 Estonian sites as internationally important bird areas. Up to 13,000 nesting couples per square kilometer can be found on the islands of Estonia, and there are more than 1,500 islands and islets.

Music and the Arts are celebrated in Estonia culture.

  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is one of the top 15 film festivals in the world.
  • Tallinn Music Week is one of Europe’s leading city festivals, with a dedicated programme for almost every genre.
  • Other music festivals include the Saaremaa Opera Festival and Jazzkaar.
  • Estonia is proud to be home to the most performed living composer in the world and the world’s largest collection of folk songs.

The US and Estonia

The United States and Estonia are strong allies and partners, with the U.S a top 10 export partner for Estonia. Many Estonian high-tech companies have received investment from the U.S and opened U.S. offices.

The U.S. and Estonia enjoy good bilateral relations and are both members of the following organizations

  • The United Nations
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Bank
  • World Trade Organization

Estonia is also an observer to the Organization of America States.

The U.S and Estonia are partners in the U.S. – Estonia Cyber Partnership Statement. This statement signifies a commitment by both countries to deepen their cooperation on Internet freedom and sharing programmes that shape the evolution of the Internet. Both countries are regular partners in responding to cyber incidents.

There are no direct flights to Estonia from the U.S., but frequent connections can be made in various European airports.
There is a daily train to and from St Petersburg and Moscow with Estonia but no connecting train running from Western Europe to the Balkan states.

Trains going via Germany and Finland or via Copenhagen and Sweden can connect to ferries which transfer to Tallinn. Cruise ships also connect Helsinki and Tallinn.

U.S. citizens will need an ETIAS to travel to Estonia. Applications will be made online, via an online form. Once the application is received, it will be automatically subject to intense security checks and successful applicants will have their authorization electronically attached to their passport. U.S citizens enter Estonia visa-free at the moment, the ETIAS is designed to reduce waiting times at border crossings.

FAQ about ETIAS Estonia

List of US diplomatic offices in Estonia

The Embassy of USA in Tallinn, Estonia

Address: Kentmanni 20 15099 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: (372) 668 8100
Fax: (372) 668 8265
Facts: Elizabeth Horst – Ambassador

The Embassy of Estonia in Washington, USA

Address: 2131 Massachusetts Av., NW Washington, D.C. 20008 USA
Phone: (1 202) 588 0101
Fax: (1 202) 588 0108

Consulate of Estonia in Los Angeles, USA

Address: 5273 Tendilla Avenue CA 91364 Woodland Hills
Phone: +1 818 340 5766

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