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Vaduz, Capital of Liechenstein | ETIAS Schengen Countries

Will I need an ETIAS to visit Liechtenstein?

Liechtenstein is not in the E.U., but it will be affected by the E.U. Travel Information Authorization System (ETIAS) because Liechtenstein is a member of the Schengen Area.

The Schengen Agreement joins many, but significantly not all, of the European countries who want to share a common immigration policy.
Some countries, like Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, and Norway, chose not to become members of the E.U.

The ETIAS pre-travel authorization, although it includes E.U. in its title, will really affect entry to the Schengen zone.

In 2021, if you are not a European national, and you are a national of the 60 countries who presently do not need a visa to enter Europe, you will need an ETIAS.

ETIAS is being introduced to improve security in Europe. Having suffered from numerous terrorist incidents over the last few years, it was decided that security measures must be improved.
Joint efforts and cooperation from all member countries and their government organizations will provide law enforcement and immigration controls, state of the art monitoring and vetting systems.

About Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, officially the Principality of Liechtenstein, is a double landlocked country in Central Europe. Located in the Upper Rhine Valley. Liechtenstein is bordered by Austria and Switzerland.

With an area of just over 160 sq. km it is the sixth smallest independent nation in the world and the smallest country to border two countries.
Liechtenstein has a population of 37,877, and the official language is German.
The major religion is Roman Catholicism, and the currency is the Swiss franc (CHF).
The principality is a constitutional monarchy headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein.

Measuring 12 kilometers in width and 25 kilometers long, Liechtenstein does not have an International airport; international visitors fly into nearby Switzerland. Access from neighboring Switzerland or Austria is by bus.

As an Alpine country, Liechtenstein is mainly mountainous. Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter sports at the country’s single ski area, Malbun.
Other popular activities are hiking and mountain and road biking.

Economically, Liechtenstein has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world at 1.5%. It also has the highest gross domestic products per person in the world, when adjusted for purchasing power parity.
In the past, Liechtenstein was known as a billionaire tax haven, but the days of bringing large sums of money into the banks for deposits with no questions asked are over. The country is no longer listed as an uncooperative tax haven country.

Liechtenstein at a glance

Capital: Vaduz

Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour

Languages: German 94.5%, Italian 1.1%, Other 4.3%

Area: 160 KM2

Currency: Franc (CHF)

Population: 35,000

Calling Code: +423

Travel in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a beautiful Alpine country nestled between Austrian and Switzerland. It is a country with one of the world’s lowest crime rates.

Theatre and music are important cultural practices. The International Josef Gabriel Rheinberger Society, annual Guitar Days and the Liechtenstein Musical Company are all notable music organizations.

The largest museum is the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, which is an international museum of contemporary and modern art. It houses an important international art collection.
The museum collection is also the national art collection.

Liechtenstein National Museum is the second most important museum. Permanent exhibitions are housed here, showing the cultural and natural history of Liechtenstein. Special exhibitions are also housed here.

Other museums are the Stamp Museum, Ski Museum and a Rural Lifestyle Museum that is five hundred years old.
You can also get an entry stamp of Liechtenstein in your passport at the tourist center, but it may nullify your passport, so perhaps best to get something else stamped.

The Liechtenstein State Library has the legal deposit for all books published in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is a quirky, mostly German-speaking little country whose strongest ties are with Switzerland. It makes the majority of its money by providing banking facilities.

The US and Liechtenstein

U.S.A. and Liechtenstein enjoy good relations; these relations are based on a common support for democracy and close commercial interactions.
The U.S. does not have an embassy in Liechtenstein; instead, the U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland also serves Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland share open borders between the two countries and represent one mutual economic area. They are both European Free Trade Area countries which are significant markets for U.S. investors and exporters.

The U.S. and Liechtenstein both belong to the following organizations

  • The United Nations
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • World Trade Organization

The nearest International airport is Zurich airport, in neighboring Switzerland. There are a large number of flights to and from Switzerland, including direct flights to and from North America.

Liechtenstein does not have a military body. The people are very proud of the fact that their nation hasn’t ever been involved in a military confrontation or battle with an enemy state. The Liechtenstein flag is seen by its people as a banner of peace.

Liechtenstein may be one of the smallest countries in the world, but there is a surprising amount to do there. Visitors from the U.S. will find that many of the retail and service staff speak English.

List of US diplomatic offices in Liechtenstein

The Embassy of USA in Bern, Switzerland

Address: Sulgeneckstrasse 19 CH-3007 Bern, Switzerland
Phone: 031 357 70 11
Fax: 031 357 73 20
Email: [email protected]

The Embassy of Liechtenstein in Washington, USA

Address: 2900 K Street, NW Suite 602-B Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202-331-0590
Fax: 202-331-3221
Email: [email protected]

Consulate of Liechtenstein in Chicago, USA

Address: 70 West Madison Street, Suite 3100 Chicago, IL 60602 United States
Phone: (+1) (312) 807-4251
Fax: (+1) (312) 827-7079
Email: [email protected]

Consulate of Liechtenstein in Los Angeles, USA

Address: 400, South Rossmore Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90020 United States
Phone: (+1) (323) 317-9885
Fax: (+1) (323) 315-7174
Email: [email protected]

Consulate of Liechtenstein in Portland, USA

Address: 2846 NW Fairfax Terrace Portland, OR 97210 United States
Phone: (+1) (503) 248-4000
Email: [email protected]

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