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Will I need an ETIAS to visit San Marino?

Like other small independent countries, San Marino is not a member of the E.U.
In 2013, a narrow majority of the Sammarinese people voted to join the E.U. Because of low turnout the necessary percentage of registered voters, 32%, was not reached and the vote failed. San Marino’s has a close association with Italy, because of this, it is an associate member of the Schengen zone.

The Schengen zone is the area that will be affected by the new ETIAS (E.U. Travel Information Authorization System). When the system comes into effect in 2021, visitors to the Schengen zone, including countries like San Marino, who are citizens of countries that are presently allowed to travel with just their passport, and not visas, will see new rules in place.

Under the new system, an application will need to be made for an ETIAS prior to European travel. Once the application has been filled in, a payment for all over 18’s received, and authorization approved, the ETIAS will be electronically attached to the traveler’s passport. Travel will then be authorized for three years, or until the expiry of the passport, whichever comes first.
Travelers who normally need to apply for a visa will find their system remains unchanged.

About San Marino

San Marino, officially the Republic of San Marino, also known as the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is a landlocked, enclaved microstate.

Entirely surrounded by Italy, it’s area id just over 61sq. km with a population of 33, 562. The capital city is the City of San Marino. The official language is Italian, and the official currency is the euro. The major religion is Christianity. Citizens of San Marino are called Sammarinese.

There are no airports in San Marino, travelers who arrive by air generally land at Federico Fellini International Airport, close to the Italian city of Rimini, and then make the final part of their journey by bus. Rimini is only 10 kilometers from San Marino.

The City of San Marino has lots for the tourist to see and do; there are also some picturesque villages that are worth visiting.

  • Valdragone – with a church and convent and old battlements
  • Serravalle – visit the wonderful Malatesta Castle
  • Borgo Maggiore – home to a stamp and coin museum
  • Pennarossa – home to a picturesque fort.

Located high on a mountaintop, the capital city is sheltered by a wall and three towers overlooking the rest of the country. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, San Marino, historic center and Mount Titano, is popular with tourists as the views from here are far-reaching.

San Marino at a glance

Capital: San Marino

Timezone: UTC/GMT +1 hour

Languages: Italian

Area: 61 KM2

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Population: 31,477

Calling Code: +378

Travel in San Marino

One of the most important dates on San Marino’s calendar is for the 24 Ore di San Marino, the country’s large and popular sailing regatta.
The Gran Premio Formula 300 is an important fixture in a popular calendar of motor racing events.

For other sporting activities such as hiking, fishing, and horse riding, visit the waterways, forests and wide open fields. The steep slopes surrounding the capital city are home to some exhilarating mountain bike trails.
The most popular sports in San Marino are football, basketball, and volleyball.

San Marino is home to many churches, perhaps the most important is the Basilica di San Marino. Built on the site of an older, medieval church, this church was built in the 19th century in a neoclassical style. Impressive with Corinthian columns, the church holds relics of Saint Marino himself, the founder of San Marino in the 4th century.

The Museum of Emigration is a surprisingly informative look through the history of emigration. The museum is located in the Santa Chiara Monastery, which is also worth visiting.

The capital city is best enjoyed on foot. The streets are narrow and winding, and it can be difficult to find somewhere to park.
San Marino is the only country with more vehicles than people.

The US and San Marino

The United States and San Marino enjoy friendly relations and are on excellent terms.

The two countries work together in areas of international trade and in the promotion of democracy and human rights. San Marino consistently supports U.S. foreign policy positions. It also supports candidates to international organizations.

The U.S. and San Marino both belong to the following organizations:

  • The United Nations
  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Bank

There are no direct flights to San Marino from the United States. Travelers generally fly into Rimini and continue the journey via regular bus service.

A knowledge of Italian is useful in San Marino. For business meetings suits are generally expected, and pre-arranged appointments are considered the norm.

Tourism provides much of the republic’s income, accounting for almost half of the GDP. The government is trying to diversify the economy away from tourism, and as a result, light industries have expanded rapidly in recent years.

San Marino is among the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita. It has a highly stable economy, no national debt, and a budget surplus. San Marino enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in Europe.

List of US diplomatic offices in San Marino

The Embassy of USA in Rome, Italy

Address: c/o U.S. Embassy Rome via Vittorio Veneto 121 00187 Roma Italy
Email: [email protected]

The nearest U.S. Embassy is located at Rome, Italy.

The Embassy of San Marino in Washington, USA

Address: 1711 N Street NW, 2 nd floor, DC 20036 Washington United States
Phone: +1-202-2232418
Fax: +1-202-2232748
Email: [email protected]

Consulate of San Marino in New York, USA

Address: 186, Lehrer Avenue Elmont 11003 New York United States
Phone: +1-516-4374699
Fax: +1-516-7755897

Consulate of San Marino in Hawaii, USA

Address: 4615 kahala Avenue 96816 Honolulu Hawaii United States
Phone: +1-808-9232468
Fax: +1-808-9265678

Consulate of San Marino in Detroit, USA

Address: 1685 Big-Beaver Road 48083 Michigan Detroit United States
Phone: +1-248-528-1190
Fax: +1-248-528-0357
Email: [email protected]

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